A Review of the Best Reusable Hand Warmers in 2024

A woman placing her cold hands in her mitten out in the snow.

While many hand warmer products are reusable, few are truly environmentally friendly

Each year, the US generates about 290 million tons of waste. While it may seem difficult to make an impact on climate change, our purchasing choices do matter. By opting for eco-friendly products, we can help reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive difference.

The hand warmer industry shows how we can switch to more eco-friendly and higher-quality products. Consumers are quickly replacing single-use, chemical-based, and battery-operated options with reusable and biodegradable versions.

We examined various brands to find the top reusable hand warmers. We considered their impact on the environment, price, effectiveness, durability, safety, and comfort. We also looked at new options that have recently become available. The best outdoor warmers keep your hands cozy without harming the earth so you can enjoy nature comfortably. 

So, how do reusable hand warmers work? The four main types include beaver fur, battery-operated, lighter-fuelled, and reusable gel packs. Each option has distinct characteristics and benefits. A thorough review follows, analyzing and grading the best types of reusable hand warmers on the market.

Review of the Types of Reusable Hand Warmers

  • Sheared Beaver Fur Hand Warmers: 5/5
  • Battery Operated Hand Warmers: 3/5
  • Lighter Fuel Hand Warmers: 3/5
  • Gel Pack Warmers: 3/5

Sheared Beaver Fur Hand Warmers

Indigenous Peoples in Northern Canada first used sheared beaver fur warmers in the early days. Beaver fur's warmth comes from its density, making it a natural insulator. The fur stores your body heat within 10,000 filaments per square inch to maintain a comfortable temperature. Simply insert these warmers into your mittens, pockets, or boots.

Since sheared beaver fur is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable, these warmers do not harm the environment. They provide a safe and comfortable experience for all users. With a lifespan of upwards of ten years, these warmers are incredibly durable. Overall, the passive warming system of beaver fur is highly effective at preserving heat.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

  • Environmental Impact 5/5: This product's life cycle is environmentally friendly when made with sustainably sourced wild beaver fur like Aurora Heat™. The Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program™ also guarantees furs are 100% wild and preserve Indigenous cultural heritage.  
  • Effectiveness 4/5: Sheared beaver fur is extremely effective at maintaining and circulating body heat. This fur is what enables beavers in Northern Canada to stay warm while swimming in freezing temperatures.
  • Comfort 5/5: Its soft, dense, and velvety texture makes it difficult to find more comfortable hand warmers. The malleability of the fur makes them almost unnoticeable in mitts, boots, and pockets. These work great for outdoor activities, where you can put them in ski boots or skates or even simply use them as pocket warmers.
  • ROI 5/5: Fur warmers like Aurora Heat provide an excellent return on investment. An initial $80 purchase will provide consumers with high-quality, effective, and comfortable warmers that will last for years, proving to be more affordable than disposable hand warmers in the long run.
  • Durability 5/5: These warmers are extremely durable. With simple care, they will not break or malfunction during their lifespan of upwards of five years. 
  • Safety 5/5: Sheared beaver fur poses no safety concerns for consumers of all ages. They are hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin.  
  • Child Safe? Yes

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Battery-Operated Hand Warmers

Battery-operated hand warmers produce heat through the internal heating plate of lithium batteries. This product generates heat for 4 to 8 hours and requires 2 to 3 hours to recharge.

Although you can reuse these warmers, discarding them will eventually create toxic waste. Additionally, young children may not be safe using them, as their skin can be sensitive to this form of heat. Battery-operated hand warmers are practical when used in milder temperatures. However, comfort levels will vary, and performing specific activities when using them isn't easy.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

  • Environmental Impact 2/5: Disposable batteries contribute to environmental waste.
  • Effectiveness 3/5: Effective in mild conditions; effectiveness varies with battery life.
  • Comfort 2/5: Uncomfortable for high-performance activities and limits the use of hands if placed inside a mitten. 
  • ROI 3/5: Moderate return on investment considering average effectiveness and cost.
  • Durability 4/5: Durable with some risk of malfunction.
  • Safety 4/5: Generally safe for adults; caution advised with children.
  • Child Safe? No

Lighter Fuel Hand Warmers

Operating on lighter fluid, these warmers provide up to 12 hours of heat and need frequent refills. The Zippo 12-hour refillable hand warmer is a popular choice that is durable and effective at generating heat. However, this product poses safety risks for children because of the flammable liquid, which could cause fires if overfilled. Its weight and pocket-specific design may limit comfort and ease of use for activities that require movement.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

  • Environmental Impact 2/5: These warmers create waste upon disposal and harm the environment through regular fuel consumption.
  • Effectiveness 4/5: Long-lasting heat production but limited comfort.
  • Comfort 2/5: These warmers may not provide comfort for most activities based on placement.
  • ROI 3/5: Moderate return on investment with ongoing fuel costs and regular lighter fuel purchases.
  • Durability 4/5: Sturdy design that can be durable with proper handling.
  • Safety 2/5: Safety risk due to the flammable nature. We advise those who are uncomfortable with flammable liquids not to use this product. 
  • Child Safe? No

Gel Pack Warmers

Gel packs generate heat through a thermodynamic reaction involving boiling water, sodium acetate, and a small metal disc. These warmers can last up to 90 minutes.

Despite being usable 200 to 300 times, they create plastic waste when thrown out and don't generate heat for long periods. Supervision is needed when being used by children as the gel can cause allergic reactions if exposed to skin, or sickness if ingested. They are also unsuitable with mittens or socks, as users will have limited mobility. 

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

  • Environmental Impact 3/5: Reusable but actively generate plastic waste.
  • Effectiveness 2/5: Short duration of heat; requires frequent reactivation.
  • Comfort 2/5: Depending on their placement, these warmers may restrict users’ movement and participation in activities.
  • ROI 4/5: Decent return on investment as the price reflects their ability to both generate and maintain heat.
  • Durability 4/5: Sustains multiple reactivation.
  • Safety 3/5: If handled correctly, gel pack warmers are safe for most consumers and do not use toxic materials.
  • Child Safe? Yes, but it requires adult supervision.

Reviewing Hand Warmer Brands

Now that we have analyzed the different types of hand warmers, let's look at some well-known brands of hand warmers.

  • 'Hothands' Hand Warmers: This single-use air-activated hand warmer uses substances like iron powder to create a chemical reaction that heats them. They perform poorly in extreme cold.
  • 'Hotsnapz' Reusable Hand Warmers: These sodium acetate hand warmers made with gel will last an hour and are compact. However, they can get too hot for your gloves or boots. Reactivation may be difficult if you're out and would require additional time to cool to room temperature after boiling.
  • 'Aurora Heat' Reusable Hand Warmers: These beaver fur hand warmers pose no threat to the environment and are designed to effortlessly keep your hands warm without needing to recharge or reactivate them. They're ideal for any outdoor activity and designed to fit snugly wherever you want them. They are durable and have long-lasting lifespans, giving them the best value compared to other brands. They pair best with their Reusable Foot Warmers to keep your hands and feet warm.

This review found that sheared beaver fur is the top choice for reusable hand warmers. These warmers are the best environmental option alongside cost, effectiveness, durability, safety, and comfort. It's beautiful to keep warm while enjoying the great outdoors and caring for the planet. Choosing hand warmers that are reusable for a long time allows you to stay warm while helping build a safer future.

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