Care Instructions

The best things about Aurora Heat™ warmers are just how simple it is to care for them and their durability. The first warmers sold in 2015 are still worn and loved by customers today!

Care for Aurora Heat products is easy. If the fur becomes damp, shake out the excess moisture, gently reshape the leather, and allow to air dry.

Do not use direct heat, and prevent contact with lotions, perfumes, etc . Your warmers are naturally odour resistant, however, over time and especially if not allowed to dry completely, they can develop an odour. Always be sure to keep dry and please refer to our Natural Care Solutions below.

At the end of the season, store in a ventilated, cool area.

We now offer a Natural Fur Cleaner which will help to keep your warmers pristine for years!
However, this product can only be shipped to customers in Canada due to the isopropyl alchemy content.

Avoid getting Aurora Heat warmers wet. If they do become wet, gently pat with a clean towel, reshape the leather and allow to air dry with the leather on a flat surface. Shake occasionally to fluff up the fur.

Our warmers should not be washed in washing machines just as you would not machine wash a leather jacket. They can be wiped with a lightly water-dampened cloth and left to air dry. We also offer a Natural Fur Cleaner which will help keep your warmers pristine for years.

If by accident your warmers go through the washing machine, shake out the excess moisture, dabbing with a clean, cotton towel. Gently reshape the leather, and allow to air dry. You are always welcome to contact us, if you would like additional guidance.

Natural and Homemade Solutions for Aurora Heat:

Fur Cleaner. Mix 1 part isopropyl alcohol (99%) with 1 part water.  Use a spray bottle and spray one or two times across the fur.  Rub gently with a light cloth and allow to dry. The alcohol will allow the fur to dry quickly and prevent any water stains from forming. Be gentle as you rub as not to stretch the skin.

We put this solution together in a reusable and recyclable aluminum spray bottle for your convenience, Aurora Heat's Natural Fur Cleaner, available HERE.

Removing odours. Airing in direct sunlight is a simple and proven way to diminish odour.

Another is to pour about ¼ cup (16g) of ground coffee into a sealable plastic bag.  Place your Aurora Heat in the bag (not on the coffee) and seal. Depending on the type of odor that you are trying to eliminate- odour may be gone in as little as 24-hours.

Usage Instructions

Always place the fur side directly against your skin.​ Aurora Heat™ products act as insulators by using your own body heat for warmth.

Insert the Hand Warmers into your mittens, gloves, or pockets with the fur against your skin on either the front or back of your hands, wrapped around your fingers or in your pockets. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your body.

Fold the Hand Warmers over your fingers, with the fur against both sides of your hand. Next, push your hand into your mitten to secure the warmer in place. It can also be used with the length going from your wrist to your fingertips, on either side of your hand. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your hands. 

Fold over the top of your thumb and push into your mitten or glove. Fur side against the skin. Once placed inside, the grippy texture of the leather-side keeps it in place. This warmer is also great for individual fingers in gloves as well! 

Yes, many use our thumb warmers as finger warmers for gloves as well!

Pull over your hands with the fur side against your skin. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your wrists helping to keep warm blood that reaches your hands.

Match the shape of the warmers with the top of your feet. Place the fur side on TOP of your bare toes, to provide the loft that holds warmth. You can also wrap your toes.

Best worn inside snug-fitting socks with a little stretch. 

Put your socks on first and push the warmer down on top of your toes, fur to skin.  Position with your fingers adjusting the fit.  You won't even notice them as they work to keep your feet warm!  If your sock are tighter, you can put them half on, tuck the warmer in and using your other hand to hold the warmer in place while you pull the rest of the sock up.

The ultra warmers fit on top of your feet and wrap around your toes. Place the fur side on TOP of your toes inside snug-fitting socks. The extra length is there to fold the top of the warmer over and under your toes.  

A couple of tips are to place the warmer, fur to skin, half on top of your toes and half under your foot (over the top).  Inch your snug fitting sock, starting with the toes (your sock will be bunched up in your hand as you slowly cover your foot).  Once you the have your sock up past the end of the warmer and the toe section is snug, then you pull on the warmer so the top of the warmer is around your toes.  Then step on the floor with your toes to hold it in place, slowly pulling your socks up fully.  Use your fingers to position comfortably.  

We know this sounds tricky, but if you are looking for ultimate warmth, these are so worth it!

Wrap around your ankle, fur next to your bare skin, and snug with velcro. Feel confident to trim the velcro with scissors once you find your ideal position. Be sure to keep at least one inch of the fuzzy side of the velcro for attachment.

Place this warmer anywhere you need warmth. Inside headwear, leggings, knee high socks, jackets, or pants. Position so that the fur faces your skin on all areas vulnerable to the cold—elbows, knees, chest, or even on the small of your back. This warmer can be used anywhere you want extra warmth and comfort.

Place the fur side on your skin or tuck into snug clothing. Other great uses for this warmer include using in bed, on your pillow, or at your feet. Or even keep at your work desk for comfort!

Solving a common problem, place the fur directly against your skin inside your bra cups. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your breasts. This passive warming system does an incredible job of holding a comfortable temperature, keeping you surprisingly warm and never too hot.

Worn with the fur side against skin, place these warmers inside mittens for everlasting warmth. The warmer can also be held in their hand and then slip on the mitten. They can then be adjusted from the outside of the mitten to be sure they are not folded or scrunched down.

With socks on, slip the warmer inside socks, fur side down on the top of the bare skin of the child's toes. The warmers can also be slipped inside slippers or socks for bedtime.

Place the sekui head warmer with the fur side on their head, inside of headwear to keep them toasty warm. Many also take this little warmer to bed and use as a comfy cozy.

Using the Sets'éni fur comforter for warmth, comfort and soothing. The fur side directly against their skin provides maximum warmth. Do not use if the child is a toddler and still in the "everything in the mouth" stages as the leather is not meant to be eaten.

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