Tales of a Mountain Mama Reviews Aurora Heat!

Tales of a Mountain Mama Reviews Aurora Heat!

We are proud to share that Tales of a Mountain Mama has recently reviewed Aurora Heat's warmers. Founded in 2011 by Amelia and her family, Tales of a Mountain Mama encourages families to spend more time outdoors. To help enjoy time in nature, they share product reviews, outdoor activity recommendations, and educational resources. 

Today, Tales of a Mountain Mama has evolved into a dynamic team of over 20 women passionate about sharing their diverse outdoor experiences and knowledge!

The women-led group has grown to be a go-to source for obtaining honest and thorough outdoor product reviews. We were excited when they reached out. Their review begins by sharing how Aurora Heat warmers can help more families explore the outdoors and stay warm in the coldest temperatures, sustainably. 

They highlight the importance of purchasing ethically-sourced warmers and appreciate that Aurora Heat's products "are made by Indigenous women who are paid the living wage and higher."

We love how they address two common questions about our warmers by emphasizing the following points:

Question: Isn’t the fur bulky? 

“NO! It is surprisingly thin when you are squeezing it down so no need to size up for them to fit in your boots or mittens.” 

 Question: Isn’t wearing fur sort of cruel?

“The fur of animals has kept people warm for literally thousands of years. The Indigenous communities in Northern Canada have special permission to harvest the beavers ethically and, in respect, use all parts of the animal. Whatever is not used is brought back to the wild to feed wild animals. Brenda, founder of Aurora Heat, dreams of a world where utilitarian uses of wild fur is the first choice for warmth, replacing single-use products, fast-fashion, and synthetic/petroleum based materials.”

To read other outdoor product reviews or see family-friendly winter activity suggestions, we encourage you to visit Tales of a Mountain Mama’s website!