Aurora Heat Featured in Up Here Magazine

Aurora Heat Fur Warmers

Thank you to Up Here Magazine for their article that highlights the effectiveness of Aurora Heat warmers and the impact of using ethically-sourced fur! Up Here Magazine in a Yellowknife-based publication that shares the voices and culture of Canada’s far north.

Here are a few highlights from the full article

  • “Our family tree is full of trappers—my grandparents, my parents, and, as it turns out, my daughter and her partner are trapping in the Fort Smith area. It’s a deep part of who we are as Northern people.” -Brenda Dragon, President & Founder of Aurora Heat
  • "Real fur is also a big step up from faux fur, says Dragon. The imitation stuff, she explains, is actually made with thousands of pieces of micro-plastics and faux fur doesn’t keep its form for long, even though the plastic remains in landfills for centuries.: - Up Here
  • “Many animals have two layers of fur, and these furs prove the best at keeping the cold at bay. A beaver’s longer guard hairs are stiff and protect the animal from things like branches, while also allowing it to easily glide through the water.” -Brenda Dragon, President & Founder of Aurora Heat
  • “[When] purchasing fur and sealskin products—it’s best to buy locally from hunters, trappers and Northern designers who do everything by hand. Because, really, people who experience harsh weather understand how to dress for it.” -Up Here
  • “Supporting local Indigenous designers builds pride in Northern culture and allows us to practice and share our traditional ways while participating in the economy. It’s an act of reconciliation.” -Brenda Dragon, President & Founder of Aurora Heat

Marci cho to Up Here Magazine for featuring Aurora Heat. We hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and warm this winter, and we are grateful for your continued support.