Aurora Heat in BC Outdoors’ 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Aurora Heat in BC Outdoors’ 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Thank you to BC Outdoors Magazine for including Aurora Heat’s eco-friendly warmers in their 2021 Gift Guide! Holiday shopping can be stressful, but BC Outdoors Magazine recommends the perfect gifts for outdoor adventurers. It's the time of year to treat yourself with cozy new gear for outdoor winter fun!

 Here's what BC Outdoors journalist, Lowell Strauss and Mark Hoffman, had to say about our best-selling reusable hand and foot warmers:

“These warmers surround your hands and feet in silky-soft sheared beaver fur, protecting them from the biting cold, and are proudly made in the northern tradition of the Dënesuline People. They’re handmade in Canada for cold winters! Aurora Heat products never run out of warmth. All hand and foot warmers are 100 per cent biodegradable and hypoallergenic.”

 Lowell Strauss is a true outdoorsman, a trained biologist and geographer, and a respected wildlife conservation scientist. His passion for the outdoors has also led to him becoming a frequent writer for BC Outdoors Magazine, as well as a talented wildlife photographer. We are truly honoured that Lowell Strauss recommends our reusable hand warmers. 

Here’s what he has to say about Aurora Heat!

 “The sheared beaver fur they are created from insulates body heat and radiates the warmth back to your fingers/hands. I've used these hand warmers ice fishing and cross country skiing in our extreme Canadian prairie winter. I loaned them to my wife, who constantly has cold hands, and haven't got them back yet. Undoubtedly, a testament to their effectiveness! Aurora Heat products are sustainably sourced and reusable, which gives me a warm fuzzy every time I use them. Highly recommend them for comfort in the cold.”

BC Outdoors has curated the perfect one-stop-shop for all your outdoor adventuring needs! Check out a portion of the article here.