Aurora Heat Featured in SAY Magazine on Navigating COVID-19

Aurora Heat Featured in SAY Magazine on Navigating COVID-19

Thank you to SAY Magazine, Canada's Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine, for publishing our article on how we turned to lessons from the Land to navigate COVID-19.

2020 has been a year of heartache for small businesses and we’re saddened by news of those who’ve had to close their doors. We’ve worked so hard to innovate with the times. Our new and loyal customers who choose natural and sustainable warmth are why we are still here. 

Here are a few excerpts from the full article:

  • "When the pandemic hit in March, I became very worried for my loved ones and for all of humanity. When the Northwest Territories borders closed to travellers, my anxieties heightened as I knew that fifty per cent of our revenue comes from retailers, many of which are tied to tourism." -Brenda Dragon, President & Founder of Aurora Heat

  • "I resisted the feelings of impending doom and went into action. My goal was absolute: I was going to carry Aurora Heat to a better place post-pandemic." -Ibid.

  • "Knowing that retail wholesales would continue to struggle, we’ve worked hard to launch a new website with better marketing analytics and improved user experiences." -Ibid.

  • "COVID-19 has brought forth a few positives; I chose to realize some for Aurora Heat, and I hope there will be some for your business too. It forced us to dig deep, pull our best selves forward and persevere." -Ibid.

We hope you and your loved ones have been doing okay during these trying times. Marci cho to you and SAY Magazine for continuing to support us. It brings it joy to share our rich Northern traditions of warmth with you.