We've Been Selected as a 2022 Canadian SheEO Venture!

We've Been Selected as a 2022 Canadian SheEO Venture!

We are excited to announce that Aurora Heat has been selected as a 2022 SheEO Canadian Venture!

Every year, roughly 10 women-led businesses are selected based on their social impact. These goals, or the World’s To-Do-List, are based on the UN’s Sustainable Development objectives and serve as a blueprint towards global sustainability. 

The seventeen goals address current socio-economic challenges such as inequality, climate change, poverty and environmental degradation. Aurora Heat is a winner for our impact in tackling Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth for sustained and inclusive employment amongst underserved populations. And, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production to reduce the impact such processes have on our environment.

At our workshop in Northern Canada, we proudly employ ten Indigenous women who earn the living wage and higher. Offering a safe and inclusive place to work rooted in Indigenous tradition, we value flexible work for a healthy balance with personal life. With an environmentally conscious and responsible product, our everlasting and biodegradable warmers reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. The handmade nature of our products also results in extremely low-impact manufacturing processes.

We are excited to learn and grow with the SheEO community! Today, they are a 7000 member organization that offers radically generous support to women and non-binary individuals working to improve conditions in this world for everyone.

In 2020, business start-ups founded by women received 2.3 percent of total venture capital funding. This percentage is even smaller for BIPOC women. We are grateful for SheEO and groups that are working on this imbalance. Thank you for providing support to female owned ventures who are passionate about creating a better world!