Review: Best Solution for Raynaud's Socks in 2023

Review: Best Solution for Raynaud's Socks in 2023

Affecting up to around 20% of the adult population worldwide, Raynaud’s disease is a condition that causes an individual’s fingers and toes to become painfully cold in response to a variety of triggers, such as low temperatures or high stress levels. As there is no official cure for Raynaud’s disease, individuals must determine which treatment is most effective for them.

However, people living with Raynaud’s disease have expressed that Aurora Heat’s reusable, fur-based warmers are exceptional at keeping their feet warm, providing the best alternative to Raynaud socks on the market.

But before we discuss those products further, let's take a look at what this article will cover:

Overview of Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease is a condition whereby blood flow is decreased to the fingers and toes. This phenomenon occurs when blood vessels spasm, which typically happens in response to cold temperatures and stress. There are two types of Raynaud’s disease: primary and secondary. The primary form, which typically begins between the ages of 15 to 25 years, is not associated with any other medical conditions. The secondary form, which can be developed at any stage of life, is linked to other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, blood disorders, and lupus.

There are also certain risk factors that increase an individual's chances of developing Raynaud’s disease. These factors include pre-existing autoimmune diseases, smoking, injury, and medications with a specific side effect profile. Raynaud’s disease can also be genetic; however, the exact inheritance pattern is unknown.

Although Raynaud’s affects individuals differently, the main symptoms include having fingers and toes become painfully pale when exposed to cold or stress, and then red when warmed. In certain cases, sores on the fingers pads may develop. While Raynaud’s disease is typically not dangerous, it can be very frustrating and painful to live with. As Raynaud’s attacks can last between a couple minutes to several hours, it is important for those with Raynaud’s to determine their own unique solution, to help ease discomfort or even prevent attacks. 

Raynaud's disease as it manifests in the hands 

Sheared Beaver Fur as a Solution

To date, there are limited medical interventions for Raynaud’s disease, leaving individuals to determine which natural solution works best for them. Many resort to Raynaud’s gloves and socks to manage their symptoms. Many options on the market are uncomfortable, non-hypoallergenic, costly, or ineffective for longer periods of time. And even if a satisfactory solution is found, it typically is not versatile - in other words, many Raynaud’s socks do not work with different types of footwear or activities, which creates an expensive, time consuming, and exhausting experience for those in search of the right solution.

But, not all hope is lost! There are still some excellent and effective products for Raynaud’s disease, including those made from sheared beaver fur. Specifically, sheared beaver fur can be reworked into a variety of products, providing a number of effective options for those living with Raynaud’s. As described in another post, sheared beaver fur hand warmers are excellent for minimizing pain caused by Raynaud’s disease in peoples’ hands. So it only makes sense that sheared beaver fur is the best alternative solution for Raynaud’s symptoms in the feet and toes as well. Aside from being highly effective, fur products are also durable, reusable, natural, and comfortable:

  • Durable: Sheared beaver fur is recognized as one of the most durable furs in the world. It has a breathable, odour resistant, and silky-soft underfur, composed of 10,000 fur filaments per square inch. This insulation layer is what enables beavers to keep warm while going in and out of freezing water in Northern Canada.  Because of this, it is no surprise that when cared for correctly, sheared beaver fur can last upwards of seven years, providing an excellent return on investment.
  • Reusable: Many foot warmers on the market are single-use, causing harm for the environment.  Because of the exceptional durability of sheared beaver fur, these products are reusable, lasting upwards of seven years. This makes for both a sustainable and cost-effective alternative solution to foot warmers and Raynaud’s socks. 
  • Natural: When made with sustainably-sourced wild beaver fur like Aurora Heat™, this product's entire life cycle is environmentally friendly and natural. Initiatives such as the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program™ also guarantee furs are ethically-sourced and  preserve Indigenous cultural heritage.  
  • Comfortable: With its soft, dense, hypoallergenic and velvety texture, sheared beaver fur warmers are exceptional at maintaining comfort for all users. The malleability of the fur makes them almost unnoticeable in different types of footwear, and they are perfect for tight-fitting ski boots or skates.

Best Alternatives to Raynaud’s Socks

As highlighted, sheared beaver fur is a very effective and unique material with many benefits. When crafted into different products, sheared beaver fur offers a great alternative to traditional Raynaud's socks offered on the market. The best products of this kind include Aurora Heat’s reusable Foot Warmers and Ankle Warmers. 

1. Reusable Foot Warmers

Aurora Heat's reusable Foot warmers as an alternative solution for Raynaud's socks

Offered in two sizes, two colors, and three different thicknesses, Aurora Heat’s reusable Foot Warmers are recognized as one of the best products for maintaining warmth. As these warmers fit comfortably in socks, they can be worn with both outdoor and indoor footwear, including boots, ski shoes, runners, and slippers. Just adjust the shape of the warmers so that they cover the vulnerable parts of your feet - for most users, this means having them directly on the tops of their feet, covering the tops of the toes as well. 

After being inserted in socks, the user’s body heat is captured within the fur and circulated back to the feet. This passive warming system does an incredible job of holding a comfortable temperature, keeping users warm but not too hot.

Customers with Raynaud’s love these reusable Foot Warmers - just see for yourself: 

Customer with Raynaud's benefits from fur-based foot warmers, as an alternative to Raynaud's socks

Customer uses Aurora Heat's reusable foot warmers to combat the cold, instead of Raynaud's socks

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2. Reusable Ankle Warmers

Aurora Heat's reusable Ankle Warmers are an excellent alternative solution to Raynaud's socks

Similar to the foot warmers, Aurora Heat’s reusable Ankle Warmers are also made with ethically-sourced beaver fur. The only difference is where on the body they are worn: while wrapped around the ankle, these warmers keep the blood warm as it travels to the feet, allowing for a comfortable temperature. Available in three sizes and two colors, these warmers can be worn by wrapping them around your ankles, with the fur side facing your skin. Just use the velcro there to adjust their snugness.

Another benefit of the ankle warmers is that they can be worn without any additional clothing or footwear to keep them in place. They are comfortable and discreet, so you can wear them all day long and for any activity without worry. Whether you're adventuring outside or trying to keep warm indoors, these are sure to cozy up your feet. Because of their adjustable strap, they can be worn by everyone, making them a great family purchase!

See what this customer had to say about Aurora Heat's Ankle Warmers:

Customer benefits from using the ankle warmers, as an alternative to Raynaud's socks

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Key takeaways

We recognize that Raynaud’s can be an incredibly difficult condition to live with, and it is important to determine which solutions work best for you and your lifestyle. But for many people around the world, ethically-sourced beaver fur continues to be the best alternative to traditional Raynaud's socks on the market, as they are hypoallergenic, durable, versatile, practical, and comfortable.
We encourage you to visit Aurora Heat’s website to learn more about the different fur warmers, and which option is best for you.

Aurora Heat's fur-based, reusable warmers are an excellent alternative for Raynaud's gloves and socks

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