Canada Post Featured our Commitment to Sustainability!

Canada Post Featured our Commitment to Sustainability!

We were recently featured in Canada Post’s Ecommerce Insider Spring 2022 Edition! The article highlights our sustainability practices and how traditional Indigenous values continue to guide our business.

The importance of carrying a legacy forward, committing to sustainability, and fostering a growing community are discussed in this article. Brenda Dragon, President of Aurora Heat, emphasizes that “trapping and harvesting fur are part of that relationship in our interdependency with the natural world. I’m proud my business reflects this and sustainability practices that cultivate abundance – from how we source our furs, to the delivery carrier we use.”

Here are some of our other favourite excerpts from the article!

“It’s utilitarian [beaver fur warmers], but there’s also a real beauty. It’s a natural product that has this incredible longevity. The people who bought the very first warmers in 2015 are still keeping warm with them today.”

“Sometimes [fur] is the only natural thing a person has. Maybe everything they are wearing at that moment is synthetic, but this little square of fur of ours is their connection back to nature.”

“I find that people want to share. They took a risk and tried our Northern way of keeping warm; we keep hearing how they loved the product and that they tell all their friends.”

We are grateful to have been featured in Canada Posts eCommerce Insider Magazine. To learn more about how other Canadian businesses are making strides in eCommerce, we encourage you to read the full article.