The Globe and Mail Spotlights Aurora Heat's Commitment to Wild Fur

Brenda Dragon of Aurora Heat creating wild fur products. She is engaged in the hands-on process of crafting unique and sustainable items, showcasing her dedication to traditional craftsmanship and wildlife conservation.

We are proud to share the exciting news that Aurora Heat has been featured in one of Canada’s most prestigious newspapers, The Globe and Mail! The article offers insights into Aurora Heat’s journey and dedication to sustainability practices. In a time of uncertainty, this recognition fuels our passion for creating sustainable fur products. Here are some key excerpts from the full article that capture the essence of Aurora Heat's story:

  • “People use something for eight hours and throw it away – none of that made sense to me,” says Ms. Dragon, who launched her business in 2015, a few months after designing her first prototypes. Aurora Heat warmers, by contrast, are made for longevity, and go back to the earth once they’re worn out. - Brenda Dragon, President & Founder

  • “Ms. Dragon also joined a global collective of women and non-binary entrepreneurs called Coralus, which supports ventures that work towards the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.” - The Globe and Mail Feature

  • "Growing up in a traditional family with all of us wearing fur, I knew what a difference it made to our family and how it brought us closer to the land. When I first had this idea to make a fur hand warmer, I realized it was a way for me to share this connection to nature with other people." - Brenda Dragon, President & Founder

We extend gratitude to The Globe and Mail for acknowledging Aurora Heat’s small business story. Moving forward, we are excited to continue this journey and appreciate everyone’s ongoing support during these times. Marci cho!