Review: Best Solution for Raynaud’s Gloves in 2023

Those afflicted with Raynaud's know all too well the struggle of keeping their hands warm throughout the year. Typically, they use Raynaud's gloves and mittens as a remedy, but many products out there fall short in some way or another.  This review identifies the best solution for Raynaud's gloves based on reusability, quality, comfort, sustainability, and most importantly, effectiveness. 

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We've Been Selected as a 2022 Canadian SheEO Venture!
We are excited to announce that Aurora Heat has been selected as a 2022 Canadian SheEO Venture! Aurora Heat was selected as a Venture because we are dedicated to tackling the Worlds-To-Do List. Continue reading to find out the steps we are taking to ensure a more sustainable future.
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A Review of the Best Reusable Hand Warmers in 2023
From battery-operated to sheared beaver fur warmers, consumers have a variety of options when selecting reusable hand warmers. However, not all options have the same benefits. This review identifies the best reusable hand warmers based on their environmental impact, effectiveness, return on investment, safety, durability and comfort.
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