Reusable Foot Warmers Size Chart

Reusable Foot Warmers Size Chart

Size Women's Footwear Men's Footwear
Small Up to Size 8 Up to Size 6.5
Large Up to Size 14.5 Up to Size 13


Size Dimensions

  • Small: 3.5 X 4.5 inches
  • Large: 4 X 5 inches


Refers to the denseness of fur and the heaviness of leather. All of our foot warmers are very effective. We offer the following choices based on the amount of room in your footwear.

  • Regular: The balance between Slim and Thick and fit in comfortable fitting footwear.
  • Slim: Designed to fit in tight footwear with less room such as snug shoes, ski boots and skates.
  • Thick: Thick's offer the ultimate in warmth. They take just a tiny bit more room in your footwear for their comfortable fit.

         Reusable Foot Warmers come in size small and large.  The right size for you depends on what size shoes you wear.