Ultra Bundle Size Chart


Ultra Hand Warmers

Size Women's Mittens Men's Mittens 
Small S, M, L S
Large N/A M, L


Ultra Hand Warmers will not fit into gloves, only mittens.

Size Dimensions

  • Small: 3 X 10 inches
  • Large: 3.5 X 10 inches


Ultra Foot Warmers

Size Women's Footwear Men's Footwear 
Small Up to Size 8 Up to Size 6.5
Large Up to Size 14.5 Up to Size 13


Size Dimensions

  • Small: 3.5 X 7.5 inches
  • Large: 4 X 8.25 inches

Refers to how dense the fur and leather are. We offer the following choices based on the amount of room in your footwear:

  • Regular: Designed for your average fitting footwear. Not too snug, and not too loose.
  • Thick: The thicks offer the ultimate warmth and take just a little more room in your footwear than the Regulars. Slippers, winter boots, and hiking boots fit the bill!